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Risk Level: High

The Risk Level bar has 3 sections: Low, Medium, and High. Currently, High is selected.

Current Status: Worsening

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New Admissions (High)
Case Rates (High)
Hospitalizations (Medium)


Explanation of Indicators

Case Rates
Number of new cases in the county in the past 7 days divided by the population in the county multiplied by 100,000.
New Admissions
Total number of new admissions of patients with confirmed COVID-19 in the past 7 days divided by the total population in the Health Service Area, multiplied by 100,000.
Percent of staffed inpatient beds that are occupied by patients with confirmed COVID-19 within the entire Health Service Area (7-day average).

Note: The warning indicators used to determine San Antonio's Risk Levels have changed to mirror the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current procedure.

COVID-19 Summary: San Antonio/Bexar County

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