Resource Center to Address Food Insecurities

Published on September 05, 2023

Grand Opening September 16 Resource Center at Villa Coronado

Research has shown that food insecurity increases the risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, the same underlying conditions that increase the risk of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. In addition, food insecurity may lead to chronic stress, missed meals due to trade-offs, and negatively affect health outcomes and quality of life.

In September 2023, Metro Health will open the doors to the Resource Center at Villa Coronado to help address food insecurities across the community.

Previously a vacant building next to the Father Roman Community Center at Villa Coronado Park, the resource center will be a new asset that Metro Health staff and community organizations can use to continue their work to increase access to healthy foods, addressing the drivers of food insecurity, and promoting healthy eating and active living activities.

The Resource Center at Villa Coronado will partner with local organizations and Metro Health programs to have options within each of the multi-pronged approaches to addressing food insecurity. External partners include A Hidden Heart and the San Antonio Food Bank. Onsite activities and amenities will include vegetable gardening, a community meeting space, lactation rooms, computers, a free little library, and a community fruit tree orchard.

The Resource Center at Villa Coronado opens on September 16th at the Villa Coronado Park,11030 Ruidosa Street.