New Year - Healthy You

Published on January 05, 2024

A group of people, including adults and children happily cooking together in the kitchen.

As we welcome 2024, focus on the small and gradual nourishing habits you can add to your day to make your wellness goals not only achievable, but sustainable too.

Self-care is a habit that Metro Health encourages. This involves setting aside time for relaxation and sleep and practicing gratitude, which is a scientifically proven method to enhance mental well-being according to multiple research studies.

Making nutritious swaps and moving your body are great ways to help meet your wellness goals, and Metro Health has tools to support you. Metro Health offers workshops to help you prevent and manage Diabetes. ¡Viva Health! offers nutrition tips, fact sheets, curricula, games, and other tools to help you and your family eat well and feel great. ¡Por Vida! recognizes local restaurants that promote healthy dining environments through good nutrition, sanitation, sustainability, and community development.

Physical activity, even for a few minutes, can boost your mood, sharpen your focus, reduce your stress, and improve your sleep. Anything that gets you moving can count, such as cleaning, gardening, or dancing. Consider walking, running, or riding a bike in any of San Antonio’s accessible Greenway Trails to increase well-being and reduce anxiety.

As we return to our daily activities after the holidays, it is important to remember that vaccines continue to be the best protection against serious illnesses such as the flu, COVID-19, or RSV. If you are not feeling well, stay home. Getting vaccinated helps reduce the spread of illnesses to vulnerable populations, such as young children and immunocompromised older adults.

Together, we will continue to uphold our vision of healthy people thriving in a healthy community in 2024! For additional resources and information on how to make 2024 a healthier year, visit the Metropolitan Health District website.

Happy 2024!