Free at Home COVID-19 Tests

NOTE: The free COVID-19 test program offered by the United States Postal Service ended March 8. Orders placed on or before March 8 will be delivered.

Every U.S. household can once again order 4 more FREE rapid COVID tests. If you didn't order during the last round (September), then you can place two separate orders, for a total of 8 tests.

  • If your rapid test result is negative, always repeat the test in 48 hours. PCR tests are more accurate and are still available. They are free at the following locations to people who have symptoms or were exposed.
  • Before you throw out any "expired" tests, check FDA's website to see if your tests' expiration dates were extended.

NOTE: All information about testing for COVID-19 is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Go to the CDC Website