Transition Plans

NOTE: This page was formerly titled "Watch, Expand, and Assure Plan". This page will list a variety of Transition Plans as they become available.

Health Transition Team's Implementation Plan

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WATCH: Monitor the epidemic as our community gradually re-opens

people looking at devices social distancing.

EXPAND: Progressively expand daily testing and contact tracing

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ASSURE: Educate the public, enforce the emergency orders, and ensure testing and contact tracing capacity

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Health Transition Team's Implementation Plan.(PDF, 2MB)


Metro Health's COVID-19 Health Transition Team's Implementation Plan lays out the precise steps necessary to enact robust testing, tracing, and COVID-19 surveillance across the City and County.

Implementing these steps with an equity lens, with strong partnerships, and an effective communication and outreach strategy further strengthens this plan.

Starting with monitoring the epidemic as our community gradually re-opens, we will progressively expand daily testing and contact tracing, while we continue to educate the public about social distancing and Stay Home Stay Safe public health emergency orders.

Testing, contact tracing, quarantining and isolation are our way out of this crisis. The City of San Antonio and Bexar County must mount a sustainable strategy with increased testing and contact tracing and stay the course for as long as it takes.

To monitor the effects of re-opening the City of San Antonio and Bexar County, specific progress and warning indicators as outlined in the Health Transition Team's report will be collected and analyzed.

These metrics provide early signs of changes in community transmission of COVID-19 or variations in stress on the healthcare system.

Our community continues to need increased education about how to protect themselves, improved access to testing for COVID-19, and an expansion of our existing public health capacity for contact tracing and follow up.

This COVID-19 Health Transition Team's Implementation Plan builds on the Health Transition Team's (HTT) Guidance and Metro Health's Respiratory Virus Plan, current efforts, and the broad participation of experts from many fields.

Implementing it will require strong leadership and collaboration across the government sectors, businesses, nonprofits, universities, community groups, and individuals.