Vaccination for COVID-19

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Welcome to the City of San Antonio Vaccination Registration portal, accessed through the EMR Vaccine System. If you need assistance to complete vaccine registration or have any technical issues with accessing the portal, please call 311 or 210.207.6000, and select option 8.

You must be in a qualified category to receive the vaccine.  Please check your eligibility before proceeding to register for an appointment.

Eligible Categories

  • Phase 1A: Workers at
    • Hospitals
    • Long-Term Care facilities
    • EMS 9-1-1
    • Home Health
    • Outpatient
    • ER/Urgent Care
    • Pharmacies
    • Last Responders
    • School Nurses
  • Phase 1A: Long-Term Care Facility Residents
  • Phase 1B: Persons aged 65 or 16 with at least one chronic medical condition, including pregnancy. This includes essential workers with at least one chronic medical condition. View a list of medical conditions.
  • School and Child Care Personnel
    With the federal directive, the following education and child care personnel are now eligible to be vaccinated in Texas:
    • Those who work in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools;
    • Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including teachers, staff, and bus drivers); and
    • Those who work as or for licensed child care providers, including center-based and family care providers.
    • Valid School or Program ID must be provided.

Online Registration

Step 1.Getting Started

  • You will need to use the following registration code (case-sensitive):
    • Registration code: DOMECOVID
  • There is no charge for the vaccine or administration.

Step 2.What You Need to Know

By registering for this location you acknowledge you are part of Phase 1A or 1B, or are school or child care personnel. Eligibility will be verified upon arrival.

  • The Moderna vaccine can only be given to people who are 18 years and older.
  • The Pfizer vaccine can be given to people who are 16 years and older.

Step 3.How It Works

An appointment is required to receive the vaccine.

  • Each person needs to register individually. Multiple registrations for the same person will be cancelled.
  • When you register online, an appointment will be scheduled for you. 
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive confirmation of your appointment by email or text message.

Step 4.Complete Request

  1. Click the link below to register.
  2. Type your Registration Code in the box and then press Enter to continue.
  3. Select your visit date and choose a time.
  4. Complete all the form fields.
    NOTE: Red boxes are required fields. We need this information to ensure we secure the vaccination for you.
    • You must enter a cell phone number or email address to receive confirmation of your appointment.
    • If you do not have a cell phone, please fill out the home phone field.
  5. Once complete, click the "Register" button.
  6. You should see an immediate confirmation noting “Registration Completed Successfully”.
    NOTE: If you don't see the confirmation your appointment was not successfully scheduled.

Due to limited quantity, vaccine registration is temporarily unavailable. The link to register will become available when more vaccines are received.

EMR Vaccine System
Screenshot of the EMR Vaccine System

Step 5.What Happens Next

If you entered your email address or cell phone number, check your email or text messages for your confirmation message.
NOTE: The email is sent from the EMR Vaccine System.

Please see the Drive-Thru Location information on this page for arrival instructions.

Second Dose Appointments

After arriving and completing your first appointment, a representative will work with you to schedule your second dose appointment.

The vaccine requires two doses to develop the best protection against COVID-19. You will need to get the second dose (also known as a booster dose):

  • If you receive the Moderna vaccine, you will need to wait at least 24 days after your first dose.
  • If you receive the Pfizer vaccine, you will need to wait at least 21 days after your first dose.