Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program

This service is part of the Financial and Housing Recovery Center (FHRC)

Applications are accepted in the fall after the City Council has approved the program budget. All complete applications submitted by the due date will be placed in the lottery. If awarded and qualified, the City of San Antonio will place a Restrictive Covenant signed by the homeowner(s), requiring homeowner(s) to maintain property as a homestead, continue to pay property taxes and maintain homeowner's insurance for a period up to 20-years. Funds are provided as a deferred, forgivable loan.

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Step 1.What You Need to Know

This service is based on a lottery system. Please call 210.207.5403 or 210.207.5311 for lottery dates and information.

Program eligibility requirements:

  • The home must be a single-family home inside District 8 or District 9. Search your address on the district map to find your district.
  • The homeowner is ineligible if they have an existing HUD or City funded rehabilitation, roof or down payment loan or restrictive covenant. This excludes assistance for lead-based paint remediation. Homeowner’s with loans and Restrictive Covenants from City funds with balances of 20% or less remaining may be eligible.
  • The home’s after rehabilitation appraised value cannot exceed $177,000.
  • Mortgage loans must be current and cannot be included in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Homeowners with a reverse mortgage are not eligible. The mortgage balance may impact eligibility.
  • No rentals or duplexes are allowed.
  • The homeowner must have resided in the home for at least six months prior to the date of application. The home cannot be for sale.
  • The homeowner must have clear title to the property. Except for mortgages, no liens or judgements are allowed.
  • Property taxes must be current. Taxes in arrears, deferrals and payment plans are not eligible.
  • The property must be owned and occupied by all owners.
  • The home must be designated a Homestead with the Bexar County Appraisal District.
  • The utility bills must be in the homeowner’s name.
  • All documentation must be current and submitted with the application. In order to keep application information current throughout the process, the applicant may be asked to resubmit income and bank statements.
  • The homeowner must be a US citizen or Legal Resident
  • The household’s gross income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

Step 2.How it Works

  • A Deed of Trust and a Restrictive Covenant for the amount of funds invested into the home will be recorded at the Bexar County Clerk’s Office.
  • The assistance is a deferred (no payments) forgivable (percentage forgiven annually) loan with terms from 10-20 years. A site inspection will determine the cost of repairs and the amount of assistance.
  • The homeowner must move out prior to rehabilitation and must be prepared to be out of their home for 3-6 months. The costs associated with moving and the on-going expenses for both the temporary housing and the home being rehabilitated are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • If the property is transferred, sold or vacated during the contract period, the remaining loan balance will be due immediately and payable in full.
  • The homeowner must pay property taxes and maintain homeowner’s insurance for the term of the loan. If the home is located in a floodplain, the homeowner will be required to maintain flood insurance as well.
  • The property’s value and taxes will increase after project completion. Paying property taxes is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Step 3.Complete Request

Download and complete the application.

Return completed application and all supporting documentation to: Housing Production Division, 1400 S. Flores St. San Antonio, TX 78204.

NOTE: Applications will be available once the lottery period begins. Please check back to submit an application.

Application Checklist

  • Complete application (signed & dated)
  • Proof of Property Insurance (not required to apply but is a requirement if selected)
  • Texas Driver’s License/ID for all occupants over 18 (expired TXDL/ID’s not accepted)
  • Government issued Social Security card for all homeowners
  • Student ID for occupants attending college
  • 3 months of the most recent paystubs for applicant and occupants in household
  • Self-employed: provide copy of Income Tax Return for past two years (2017-2018)
  • Social Security Award letter and/or SSI for 2019, Retirement Benefits, Child Support, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), documentation provided must be current
  • 6 months of current bank statements, checking and savings accounts, for all occupants
  • 2 months of current CPS and SAWS bills in the name of the homeowner
  • Current mortgage or home equity loan statement (payments must be up to date)
  • Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Death Certificate, Probated Will, or Affidavit of Heirship may be required, if related to title.

Make copies and attach the information listed above to your application.

Step 4.What Happens Next

  • Homeowners will be selected through a lottery.
  • Submitting this application does not guarantee assistance.
  • Participants selected are not immediately eligible. Application documentation is reviewed and a property evaluation is required to determine eligibility for the program.

This program depends on the availability of funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City’s budget.


Contact Housing Loan Coordinators by phone: 210.207.5403 or 210.207.5311.

In Person

Please call 210.207.6459 to request an appointment.