Financial/Benefits Counseling

This service is part of the Financial and Housing Recovery Center (FHRC)

Financial Benefits Navigation

Completing an application for unemployment or other benefits can be complicated and confusing.

Financial Benefits Navigators can help address any questions you have as you are completing applications for benefit such as unemployment, TANF, SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, utility assistance, etc.

Financial Counseling

Financial Counselors assist residents with budgeting, debt management, credit report education, and linking to positive products helping residents to open a low-cost bank or credit account through Bank On San Antonio, etc.

Bank On San Antonio

Bank On San Antonio is a service that partners with local financial institutions to assist residents with opening a starter bank account to secure their money and to avoid check cashing fees and payday lenders. For San Antonio residents who are US citizens or immigrants (documented or undocumented), a bank account can be an important place to keep your money safe and it also serves to help your credit.

Online Form

Step 1.What You Need to Know

Currently appointments are virtual, via email and phone.

In-person appointments are available as needed for assistance with benefits navigation and financial counseling.

Step 2.How it Works

Enter your contact information and check all of the areas you would like help with such as:

  • Review my finances
  • Help applying for unemployment, Medicaid, TANF or other benefits
  • Set a plan to get out of debt
  • Negotiate with bill collectors
  • Establish credit
  • Repair my credit
  • Review my credit report
  • Learn which bank accounts are the best option
  • Save for a car or house
  • Save for college/training
  • Save for retirement
  • Manage my money
  • Increase income: GED/Job

Step 3.Request an Appointment

Request an Appointment

Step 4.What Happens Next

A Financial Empowerment Center representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.