Monthly Epidemiological Reports

Key Takeaways from the February 2021 Report

Released 03/17/2021

Decrease in New Cases

  • The number of new COVID-19 cases during February declined substantially compared to the previous few months, signaling an end to the winter surge. About 6% of cases to date occurred during February.
  • 98,359 individuals are known to have had COVID-19. The age-adjusted case rate is 10,132 (per 100,000 population).

Other Trends

  • Test positivity has been decreasing since January 2, and averaged about 8% during February.
  • By the end of February, about 18% of all Bexar County residents age 16 years or older, including 44% of residents 65 years or older, had received at least one dose of vaccine.
  • Numbers and rates of infection continue to be highest among young adults, particularly females.

Hospitalizations and Deaths

  • New COVID-19 hospital admissions declined throughout February, to 447 per day, a level last seen in late November.
  • The February daily average number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital was 761, less than half of that in January.
  • ICU patients and those on ventilators peaked also declined by approximately 50%.
  • 2,843 residents are known to have died from COVID-19. The overall case fatality rate is 1.4%, higher for males (1.7%) than females (1.2%). Highest risk of death is among the most elderly; 18% for those cases who are 80+ years of age.