Monthly Epidemiological Reports

Key Takeaways from the October 2021 Report

Released 12/3/2021

New Cases & Positivity Rate

  • In October, there was a 63% decline in new cases: 26,414 in September to 10,890 new cases in October.
  • In October, there was a 54% decline in positivity rate: 5.4% in September to 2.5% in October.

Hospitalizations and Deaths

  • During October, COVID-19 related hospitalizations declined from 4,174 in September to 1,379 (69% decline).
  • During October, COVID-19 related deaths declined from 202 deaths in September to 92 (60% decline).

Cases and Age

  • In October, similar to September, age group 10-19 years made up the largest proportion of COVID-19 cases (18.1% in October versus 21.1% in September).
  • Age group 0-9 made up the second largest proportion of cases at 17.5% in October 2021, and an overall 8.4% of the total COVID-19 cases. The same age group made up 15.3% of cases in September.
  • The 0-19 age group has accounted for 4% of hospitalizations over the entire pandemic — approximately 9% during the month of October, and 6% during the month of September.