Monthly Epidemiological Reports

Key Takeaways from the January 2022 Report

Released 03/04/2022

New Cases & Positivity Rate

  • Reported1 cases increased from 11,744 in December 2021 to 147,899 in January 2022 (a 12 fold increase).
  • Average test positivity rate increased from 10% in December to 35% in January (a 3-fold increase).
  • Over the course of the pandemic through January 2022, 26% of Bexar County residents (1 in 4 persons) are known to have had COVID-19.

Hospitalizations and Deaths

  • COVID-19 positive hospital admissions2 increased from 1,078 in December to 4,293 in January (a 3-fold increase).
  • Reported1 COVID-19 related deaths increased from 25 in December to 121 in January (a 4-fold increase).

1 Reported cases and deaths may have occurred anytime during the previous 14 days. Delayed reports (backlogged cases) are not included in these data.
2COVID-19 positive hospital admissions include all patients who test positive for COVID-19 at STRAC hospitals at time of admission, regardless of reason for admission, including patients who reside outside Bexar County ( STRAC hospitals are general and specialty hospitals in Bexar county designated by the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council as part of the local trauma/emergency healthcare system. They include hospitals in the Baptist, Christus, Methodist, SW General, University, BAMC and VAMC systems treating COVID19 positive patients.

Cases and Age

  • In January, age group 10-19 years made up the largest proportion of new COVID-19 cases (18%), followed by age group 20-29 years (17%).