Monthly Epidemiological Reports

Key Takeaways from the December 2020 Report

Released 01/19/2021

Increase in Cases

  • December saw a substantial increase in the rolling 7-day average of new COVID-19 cases, with daily counts surpassing the previous peak from the summer surge. The 7-day average was 736 on 12/1 and 1,164 on 12/31, a 58% increase.
  • Over 30% of all COVID-19 cases to date occurred in December.

Other Trends

  • December saw the second highest positivity rate to date (23.2%), only surpassed by early July (24.2%).
  • The highest rates of COVID-19 cases have occurred in zip-codes near Downtown and Southern Bexar County, with rates as high as 3,300 new cases per 100,000 population (3.3% of residents) in December alone.
  • Residents in their 20’s continued to account for over 20% of all cases to date.
  • Risk of death in congregate settings has decreased — down from nearly 8% in the first quarter to just under 2% in recent months.
  • Case fatality rate among those living in private residences has remained at 1 - 2% - the same since June.

Hospitalizations and Deaths

  • Hospitals experienced an increase in the number of COVID-positive occupied beds in the month of December. ICU cases account for approximately one-third of those hospitalized individuals.
  • Cases among those 50 and older comprise 90% of COVID-19 deaths seen to date in Bexar County.